Mental Emotional and Physical Health and Fitness Are Closely Linked

When we hear the words ‘ fitness’ we tend to think of our physical body, yet there are other aspects of our health that are equally as important. Our mental and emotional health is just as important and our health status depends on the ‘fitness’ of all three.Research is uncovering more evidence about the close link between our physical, mental and emotional health and well-being. We used to view them as separate entities and medical experts have treated them separately since medicine first began.Our physical fitness is important and if we let it deteriorate from lack of use we are likely to experience a corresponding decline in our mental and emotional stability and well-being. This can have great impact on our daily lives and can even be life changingWe all know the benefits of proper strength training exercise – stronger muscles and bones, weight loss or managing our body weight and making us look better physically. But proper exercise makes our brain work better too, think of it as the oil that gets the wheels and cogs turning.Our modern world is often busy and frantic which can cause us stress that can drain and fatigue us to the point it can limit and prevent us from reaching our full potential in life. If we dare to complain we get handed a bottle of pills which may help in the short term but are not a long term solution. The best option is to look to physical activity that can relieve stress and anxiety calming us from the inside out like no pill or drug ever can.If we give our body what it needs to keep itself healthy – proper exercise it can easily cope with the stresses and pressures of our busy modern lives. When we keep these things under control we can work more productively and fruitfully in our job or chosen career and be happier, healthier spouses, parents, workers and friends.Think of your exercise sessions as house cleaning time. Negative thoughts, junk feelings and sad moods are simply chased away for good. Enjoy the medicinal like calming affect wash over you allowing you to rejuvenate, cleanse, and reboot yourself physically, mentally and emotionally.Each one of us has easy access to this self help care preventative and healing medicine that is called strength training exercise. Although it is intended to strengthen your body it also strengthens your mind as well for a higher quality of life and living. Just 2-3 sessions each week will go a long way to giving you balanced health and well-being.Strength training can boost your self-confidence and self esteem. After an exercise session you will feel a sense of pride in yourself and you will feel you have accomplished something good for you. This helps create a circle of positive reinforcement that will have you wanting to keep repeating your exercise program. Once you are doing it regularly you will continue to enjoy the results that just keep on coming.

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